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Thank You So Much!!!

Thank you for helping me create this collection of songs. I feel it's the most positive offering I could make at this time and I'm honoured to be able to share it, so thank you for helping me do just that. This album also represents a period of time I'm most nostalgic for: My first year in Kelowna. I spent my first summer busking at the entrance of City Park and it was the most wonderful time of adventure and growth I had experienced up to that point. There was this odd ball community that wasn't quite aware of itself. A community that consisted of the in-crowd and the outcasts. From the wealthy couples that would generously tip or book me for private gigs in swanky homes up in the hills to the parade of decent and absolutely lovely homeless that would gather to listen, offer guidance, and watch my gear when I needed a break. I observed it all and felt like I bounced in and out two parallel worlds that laid on top of each other, still connected geographically but separated by layers of reality. Each with its own light and dark. I wrote and polished these songs while basking in the warmth and rays of Kelowna's community. This is my way of honouring the people, places, and moments that made Kelowna such a fairy tale that first summer. With this offering I add closure to a great and powerful chapter in my life. I let these songs go knowing that I did my best to honour them and give them their own life. Thank you for giving them life with your attention. Forever sending you the grooviest vibes I have ~~~~~~ - Michael

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