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There’s an argument that “Creativity” may be a curse for those who possess it. They are haunted by a vision and driven by a deep instinct to manifest it. Like a fruit-bearing tree, they must harvest their efforts, lest their fruit rot on the stem. HOT SAX ignited from desperation to satisfy that natural instinct. 


In 2021 when it was unclear how long “two weeks to flatten the curve” really meant, the members began to connect online through a series of collaboration videos. Some of these are available on the band's YouTube Channel. The Internet was a vital tool of connection during this time. It’s interesting to reflect on what two years of lockdowns would feel like without the Internet. 


When it seemed safe, the band began rehearsing in person. Immediately the chemistry was apparent, and a mutual respect started to flourish. 


Feeling deeply uneasy about the vaccine passport system, HOT SAX remained content rehearsing, for the sake of mental health and the love of music, in Joe “Big Blast” Cool’s basement. They would decline show offers for over a year before venues were no longer required to use the unprecedented and controversial passport system. 


This act of solidarity strengthened the bond that had already begun maturing within the group. The extra time rehearsing and developing out-of-sight allowed the band to explode onto their local when they started booking regularly throughout 2022. The band is already a project of note in the local Okanagan music scene, and now HOT SAX is now setting its sights to expand, and tour throughout British Columbia in 2023. 


Joe Cool - Saxophone

Nils Loewen - Upright Bass

Paul “Apollo” Agua - Electric Guitar, Vocals

Cameron Swallows - Drums

Michael S.e Elliott - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

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Here's to a long life filled with HOT SAX!

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